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       Hainertec (Suzhou) Co. Ltd is located in Suzhou Industrial Park of China. It specializes in development and production of various ultrasonic transducers. The products include  power ultrasonic transducers, resonator, ultrasonic generator and other ultrasonic parts. They are widely applied in industrial field, like ultrasonic cleaning, welding, ink-cutting (for inkjet printer), extraction, crushing, metal processing, chemical catalysis, measurement, degassing; and applied in people’s livelihood filed, like ultrasonic teeth cleaning, medical treatment, physiotherapy care, beauty, washing and so on.
       Today Hainertec owns advanced manufacturing technique, professional research and develop team as well as excellent service. By successfully transferring to network business from traditional sales mode, Hainertec has becomes one of the key suppliers for many well-known ultrasonic application companies through out the country. And most of the products have been exported to Americas, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Southeast Asia and enjoy customers' trust and praise.
        Hainertec pursuits the concept of  "being human-oriented" and would like to make sincere cooperation with all friends around the world to bring a win-win situation!
  company address: no.17,chefangjingu road,suzhou industrial park, jiansu , china telephone number: 0512-66855995,62609098 fax : 0512-62609097
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